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I could tell you about how I started making my own beauty products in my kitchen six years ago inspired by artist's dates created while doing The Artist's Way. But I think the messy details are best left to your imagination, especially that one DIY shampoo experiment. Or I could write about what I've learned from researching the histories of plant-based beauty ingredients but I'm pretty sure if you want to hear me talk passionately about oats you'll send me an email because there's probably only two of us in the world and we are destined to be best friends. I also thought about sharing about how a dear friend sent me a sugar scrub while I was living at the YWCA and what it taught me about self-care, but that is a much, much longer story than what you came the about page to read, um, about.

The truth is Mystic Dirt changes and evolves. It means different things to different people on different days. And since I'm a Gemini sometimes those different people are all living inside my head. The through line is creating experiences to empower self-care, self-love and self-worth. That could be through a DIY body scrub kit, a self-care ceremony or Intuitive Reiki Coaching.  One or all of these may speak to you. If it does, email and say hello.

Let's connect and create together!


Laura Emanuel