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Reiki energy assists in connecting to the life force energy that flows inside your body and around you.  These sessions are incredibly gentle and restorative. Reiki can be supportive on your journey when you want to feel:

Peace during times of change

Comfort when feeling grief

Clarity when make decisions

Supported on the fertility journey, when pregnant, and postpartum

Energized when feeling depleted

Balanced between feminine and masculine energy

Safe in your body

Connected to love

Forgiveness and freedom from the past

Care during end of life transitions


Sound Baths 

432HZ pitch crystal bowl sound baths create a cocoon of sound and vibration to realign the mind, body, and soul. Choose from either a combination Reiki and sound healing combination or dedicate the entire session to sound healing. Crystal bowl sound baths can be supportive on your journey when you want to:

Quiet the mind

Reduce anxiety

Strengthen boundaries

Connect to your intuition

Up regulate when you feel numb

Down regulate when hyper vigilant

Open your heart

Create change in your life

Release things that don’t serve you

Call in your desires  


Energy Work

Combine energy modalities from teachers that I've studied with all over the world for the past 20 years, these sessions create a safe environment for you to change your relationship to fear and limiting thoughts/beliefs. This is a space to embrace and integrate the shadow self and create the life you desire.  Energy work can be supportive on your journey when you want to:

Release limiting beliefs

Strengthen your connection to flow 

Identify and shift where you are giving power away

Heal family beliefs that have been passed down 

Cut energetic cords to people

Connect to your inner child

Balance your energies


Personalized Guided Meditations

Would a dedicated practice to transform limiting belief into thoughts support you? Together, let's create a personalized guided meditation to use at home and deepen the effects of your Reiki, sound bath or energy work session. Based on your specific desires we will record a meditation. Within 24 hours you will receive a mastered MP3 with music added. Personalized Guided Meditations can be supportive on your journey when you want to:

Visualize specific scenarios going well

Talk to your inner child

Create unique affirmations 

Visualize physical healing

Connect to your desires for you future

Connect to you higher self and your guides