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Mystic Dirt was inspired by the long tradition of women coming together to connect, teach, and learn. As we sit in a circle together and share, our journeys become woven together. I think of it as an energetic sewing circle, and what we are quilting are our intentions for our highest selves. There is magic and incredible strength in amplifying our desires as a collective.

I've created these self-care ceremonies as a sacred space for women to come together to listen to the wisdom of nature, the wisdom of our community, and the wisdom that lies within herself.  The circle is a heart-centered place carved out of our busy lives to make self-care intentional, holistic, and joyful.

In each ceremony we:
  • Learn about the healing histories and mystical properties of plant-based beauty ingredients.
  • Make a self-care body scrub, body spray, or body oil to take home.
  • Create powerful self-love affirmations that are infused within the self-care body product.

Want to host a ceremony in your home or place of business? Click here to reach out and introduce yourself.